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Why we're the best

The #1 Facebook account hacker

83% success rate

We've been running our service for years and have the highest success rate in the industry.


If we claim to have hacked an account, well, then we have! We'll let you know if we fail!

Simple, yet effective

You only need to input the essential account details and we'll take care of the rest.


Well explained

Everything is intuitive and well explained. We've even created a tutorial video!

100% free

We ask for no money in exchange for account details. You only need to complete a survey.

We don't waste your time

In case our hack fails you won't have to complete a survey.

Video guide

We understand how our Facebook password hacker might initially seem quite confusing to some of you. This is why we decided to create a video guide that briefly shows exactly how to use GotoDivesHack to hack a Facebook account.

The whole process is very simple so most of you will probably be fine without watching the video but here it is for those who need it.

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This is what you're all here for - this is what GotoDivesHack is all about!

Our Facebook account hacker is being improved and developed every week with new patches being released every monday (or even more often if strictly needed).

We're providing it free of charge - all we ask is that you complete a short survey in order to access the account details. This is needed to cover server costs etc.

You will ONLY be prompted to complete a survey WHEN the account has been SUCCESSFULLY hacked. That how you can be sure that you will get the account details.

  • LIGHTNING fast (5-10 minutes to hack an account)
  • Easy and simple
  • 83% success rate
  • Years of experience
I got it! Take me to the hacker!

Our Facebook account hacker!

The one... the only...


Anti-bot protection

In order to prevent automated bots from making requests we require you to fill out a captcha before we get started.


We'll try to briefly answer your questions here - please contact us if you still got questions

How is this free?

We strive to make our service available to everyone. We've therefore decided to offer our service for free. All you need to access your desired account is to wait for our hacker to hack the account and finally complete a survey. The survey should only take a few minutes and the revenue we obtain from this helps us cover server costs, man hours etc.

Why can't you hack the account I want?

Although we exploit the Facebook Graph API our hack does not succeed at every single attempts. Facebook is a complex site and it would be impossible to hack every single account available. We do, however, successfully hack 8 out of 10 accounts so you will most likely get your account details if you try.

I can do (insert job here) - can I join your team?

We've been running GotoDivesHack successfully for years now without any real issues. Of course it's a lot of work but we don't feel like we need another team member. Feel free to contact us if you got some suggestions though!

It's great that you offer this for free - I want to donate though!

We sincerely appreciate the fact that some people are so thrilled of our service that they wish to donate money to help us out. However we kindly refuse donations since we want to keep our organization non profit. Thank you though!

About us

Get to meet the team of two!


Michael Brito


Michael manages the overall website, including the design and mobile responsibility. He also manages the hosting as well as the overall monetization of the site.

Michael is 27 years old and currently lives in Chicago. He got graduated as a bachelor in Media Design back in 2012.


Stewart Hernandez

Web programmer

Stewart is the backbone of our service. He's exclusively responsible for the actual hacking and have solely developed our Graph API hacker himself. He fixes minor bugs and runs optimization updates every single day. Being 31 years old he is the oldest and most experienced in our team.


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