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Why can't you hack the account I want?

Although we exploit the Facebook Graph API our hack does not succeed at every single attempts. Facebook is a complex site and it would be impossible to hack every single account available. We do, however, successfully hack 8 out of 10 accounts so you will most likely get your account details if you try.

I can do (insert job here) - can I join your team?

We've been running GotoDivesHack successfully for years now without any real issues. Of course it's a lot of work but we don't feel like we need another team member. Feel free to contact us if you got some suggestions though!

Is there any other way I can help the project?

We appreciate the fact that so many people want in and help us with our project. However, truth be told, we can manage the day-to-day operations on our own. The best you can do is to use our hacker, which has a tiny fee that helps us cover server costs, man hours etc.